Email automation made personal

All-in-one tool to support Sales Teams of all sizes

How it helps your sales team?

Designed to support entire Sales Teams

Let your entire Team be on the same page to work together more effectively. Shared email templates, joint campaigns’ calendar and individual performance – all of that to support your Team.

Focused on improving your performance

Business grows when you close a deal, not send emails. Advanced statistics, conversion pixels and A/B testing will help you focus only on campaigns that brings you income.

Made to keep the personal touch

Make each campaign highly personalized and targeted. Use dynamic fields like name, position or custom snippets to keep the personal touch at scale.

"4 months after signing up we generate additional $35,000 monthly in new sales thanks to LeadStream"

Mike Szehidewicz, Head of Sales at

Product features

E-mail automation
  • Gmail integration

  • Advanced personalization

  • Custom snippets

  • Test campaigns

  • Human-like sending

  • Timezone setup

  • Campaign management

  • Unlimited prospects

  • Duplication warnings

  • CSV import/export

  • Prospecting module (BETA)

Drip campaigns
  • Follow-up scheduling

  • Bounce detection

  • Campaign process monitoring

  • Reply detection

  • Forward email detection

  • Prospect statuses

  • Mail&Followups in one thread

  • Custom inbox tags (soon)

Sales analytics
  • Open tracking

  • Reply rates

  • Bounce tracking

Sales team
  • Unlimited number of users

  • Shared resources

  • Campaigns calendar

Sales optimization (soon)
    Integrations (soon)

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